TOP 10 Habits Of Successful Students

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Then how one student is receiving good grades, doing great at extracurricular and building a good career while the other student is struggling to complete its syllabus? The answer lies in the habits of the student.    Your attitude determines your altitude. Successful students don’t just drift off […]

Unlocking a list of top 10 latest fashion trends in

Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z or zoomers are the succeeding millennials. And obviously their fashion sense has led to the resurgence of some wild, noteworthy trends. This generation is known for its edgy, bold and experimental disposition fashion often sets statement trends for design, patterns, color palettes, prints and material.   With the […]

Know The Future Trends of Studying Abroad

World-class infrastructure, seasoned faculty staff, high quality education, international exposure – list is never ending that is why one chooses to study-abroad. There is always a thought of incompletion in one’s career if not planned for study abroad. It’s a trend of study abroad and only smart people plan it in advance.   Previous year, […]

Companies that did well during covid-19, pandemic in india

The COVID pandemic struck almost every sector of the country with great downfall. It is not a hidden fact that our country faced a vast economic crisis. But, were there any exceptions? Here are some Indian companies that surged their way even through the covid-19 pandemic: 1) Paytm: Paytm is an Indian online payment system […]

How to gain traffic for your business/page digitally

Google Ads: If you are searching for immediate exposure for your business or page then google ads is the way for you. If you have the appropriate budget then google ads is the easiest and the most efficient way to go.   Gain positive customer reviews online: Word-of-mouth is one of the most impactful and […]


Motivation helps you achieve something which is normally unachievable to you. On the other hand, demotivation can result in you losing in which you were born genius. In sports an opponent, despite poor skills and technique can defeat you just by demotivating you on something.   Here we are presenting top 10 tips for motivation, […]