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Christmas is today and everyone just wants a piece of you.

Christmas, new year and the whole festive vibe must be mindblowing. But, with relatives and friends coming over, all need to be tip-top. If you look into the calendar, you have three holiday parties, four get-togethers and other kids’ programmes. Your relatives are asking about your future (which you have literally no idea), kids are screaming for some extra muffins, friends are gossiping and the ‘to-buy-list’ is rapidly going up. Your house help has asked for a day off and here you are sipping the tenth coffee of the day at 1 noon.

A glass can only spill what it contains – as the saying goes. So, therefore, below are some of the boundaries that must keep in order to keep yourself SANE this Christmas.

At Work:

  1. Know when to STOP. Pick up a cut-off time from the office. You must know that no matter what family always comes first. No delivery is bigger than spending some quality time with family. Also, we all know we can’t really concentrate on work knowing the party celebrations back at home. So, release it and go home.
  2. Learn to say NO. If your boss asks for an urgent delivery say NO. If your colleague requests your help in one of the projects that he is responsible for say NO. Say no to any other work that will pile up at the last. You really don’t want to take work and then cry for being able to complete them. Be realistic and know your capabilities.
  3. Avoid NEGATIVITY. Run from all the negative vibes around. Your colleague bitching about his boss? Turn around and go. Boss is planning politics? Be deaf and go. This Christmas be with someone who radiates positive energy and lightened the mood instead of just ruining it.

At Home:

  1. Completely cut yourself from your office. Just be present and concentrate on the family. Get off your phone, shut down your laptop and switch on the music system and dance it all.
  2. Plan your things out. At parties, it is very common for something not to happen the right way. Thus, it is advisable to plan your things at least one week before. Your calendar should be clear and set for the holiday season so that nobody gets a chance to taunt you.
  3. Communication is the key. Communicate all the things to all the responsibility holders. Cross-reference your calendars and be clear when work demands a little extra time.

Within Yourself

  1. Eat healthily and keep your stomach full to run around all day. Caffeine and sugar might boost up your energy level but is not suitable for your body. Thus have healthy meals to go a long way.
  2. Be “clean”. Do the dishes. Straighten up your closet. Organize your desk(top). Delete all those unread and unimportant emails. All of this is medicine for the cluttered mind. And take a shower, would you?
  3. Breathe and take short breaks in between. The small break sessions will help you regain your energy and yourself. This in return will help you plan your party perfectly.
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