Inclusivity: A Revolutionary Idea

 INCLUSIVITY Need for Inclusivity The roots of discrimination are penetrating deep into the soil of our country and creating a vicious net of prejudiced beliefs. It usually targets underprivileged people and traps them in a never-ending cycle of classism. Inclusivity as Solution The solution to this issue could be–Inclusivity. Oxford dictionary states, “Inclusivity refers to […]


The difference between ideas that get implemented and those deprioritized is your ability to express them!✨🦋 Attention 🍭 Attention 🍭 Attention 🍭 🌻🌈 INSPIRIX : the HRD cell of CVS are here with another exciting event Samvaad 2.0 – A series of thoughts.🔥🪶💭 Sounds intriguing right!👀❤️ 🎙️ SAMVAAD 2.0 🎙️ 🎙️ संवाद 🎙️ ✨This is […]

Fine Arts Society from SRCC Initiating a ‘Workshop Marathon’ –

Art workshops are the best places where an artist can acquire more understanding about the arts. You can connect with great artists and improve your skills.     We at Fine Arts Society are initiating a ‘Workshop Marathon’ – A fundraiser to make you learn the arts and to help those in need amidst this […]