Need for Inclusivity

The roots of discrimination are penetrating deep into the soil of our country and creating a vicious net of prejudiced beliefs. It usually targets underprivileged people and traps them in a never-ending cycle of classism.

Inclusivity as Solution

The solution to this issue could be–Inclusivity. Oxford dictionary states, “Inclusivity refers to providing equal opportunities and resources to people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.” Inclusivity is necessary for the growth and development of our country. Our vision to form a developed country will never be fulfilled if we segregate people on the basis of their social and financial status. Henceforth, inclusivity is the ray of light amidst the dark clouds of discrimination.

Inclusivity- Emotion and Rights of people


“INCLUSIVITY” is not just a word but an Emotion and Right of millions of people. Every commoner has right to breathe, live, express and to be happy. Before belonging to minorities, castes, religions and having Disabilities, we all are human and should live with harmony and spread humanity. We should offer a helping hand to the suffering ones. In the world of discrimination, inequity, harsh and cruel environment we should not forget our responsibilities as human and continue to spread positivity by welcoming and expressing Gratitude towards all.

“Let’s forget the Difference,

And enjoy Acceptance”



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