Cruelty towards Animals; Animals are amazing creatures, but suffers a lot.

Cruelty towards Animals; Animals are amazing creatures, but suffers a lot

Animals are the sweetest, loyal and caring creatures of all. Every year, countless number of animals are killed not only in India but all over the world, either to feed the non-vegetarian population or in laboratories for the medical experiments. They are the one whom suffers a lot in order to fulfil our demands, the jackets and the branded shoes we wear are sometimes made of the Tiger skins even the furniture or decor items we use at home are made by the cruelty on different animals, from dogs to Buffalo or Tiger to dolphins. We as humans have crossed the border of cruelty, we have a special feature of humanity and emotions which no other creature have, but he have proved it in a wrong or shameful way. We need to understand the true meaning of livelihood, and need to come to the real world from the reel one.

Cruelty against animals is a punishable offence under the Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian penal code. There is an urgent need to start working in order to implement effectively the laws made for the protection of animals. The very first step towards which is educating children to have kindness, care, respect for animals and treat them gently. Food as well as shelter are the basic needs of everyone and should be provided to street dogs by government shelters, and registered firms and NGOs to assure their good care and safety. There is also a huge need to have stricter laws for protection of animals.

Role of a human 

Animals nowadays are not safe even in pet shelters, There is an urgent need to take the cruelty on Animals seriously and establish some laws, safety measures to the same and start taking Animals as a part of society, because they also have a heart like we human beings, they also get hurt like we all used to be, they have their own world like us and we have no right to hurt them when they are living their life peacefully. We should spread happiness and care for each other. Moreover we should understand the meaning of humanity and harmony.

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