Advice for DU Freshers 2021

Advice for DU Freshers 2021


After a year of arduous hard work, many heartbreaking goodbyes to school closest friends and teachers, and a plethora of memories, it’s finally time to embark on yet another life-changing chapter, this time in the form of ‘college.’ The wait is finally over. You’ve made it into your dream college after a long series of exams, high cut-offs, worry, and pressure, and you deserve a pat on the back for making it this far.


But now the question is, what is the way ahead? You must be both worried and excited since your life is about to change; believe me, this is perfectly natural because it happens to everyone. You must also be pondering a slew of concerns about what to do and what not to do in order to live your ideal college life. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you!


Here are some suggestions to make your life easier:-


  • Take your time  – Long story short, college is completely a different world. It’s something you’ve never seen before, and it’s extremely different from how a school operates. Here, you are your own master. So do not rush and take your time to analyze and comprehend the dynamic nature of college life.

  • Make a lot of new friends – “It is not the site or the structure that creates a college; it is the people who are with you who make that building your college,” as the saying goes. So be kind to everyone and make a lot of new friends since these are the individuals you’ll be relying on for the next three years and the only ones who will accompany you in every memory of this rollercoaster journey.

  • Participate in different societies-As we all know, Delhi University is well-known for its societies. So, Take part in and audition for all of the intriguing societies that pique your interest. Because college isn’t only about academics, it will help you refine your extracurricular abilities and make connections with a variety of individuals all over the campus.

  • Don’t be scared to interact with your seniors-  Don’t be hesitant to initiate a conversation with your seniors. Simply be courteous and respectful to them, and you will get the greatest mentors who understands you because they have been in your shoes before.

  • Do a variety of internships –  Keep on doing a lot of internships throughout your college tenure, whether paid or unpaid because it will not only help you figure out your interests but also will help you boost your CV.

  • Try everything and keep on Experimenting –  Don’t be reluctant to try anything new, whether it’s a different cuisine or a social task since you never know when the chance may present itself, and keep exploring because it’s the only time for new experiences and experimentation. College is more about personal growth rather than classes and grades. Develop yourself and your latent abilities.

  • Enjoy the Journey and have lots of fun-  Travel to new locations, eat different foods, have a good time, build a lot of memories, and enjoy every second of this wonderful adventure that you are about to begin!!!!


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