Top 5 places for a DU student to get books at a rock-bottom price!

Top 5 places for a DU student to get books at a rock-bottom price!

The fresher season is set to begin in Delhi University, with a large number of students starting their college lives. There is a lot of enthusiasm and hundreds of questions swirling around in our heads about how our lives will be altered. What would it be like to live away from home? How will everything be managed, among other things?


A newcomer is perplexed by everything. Though college is much more than simply studying. But to begin this trip, you will need a friend you have known since childhood, and that friend is none other than ‘books.’ Because freshmen are unfamiliar with how things function in a DU  campus, they wind up spending a lot of money on various books. However, we are here to assist you in preventing this from happening.


So here is a list of Top 5 places from where you can buy books of your respective courses at a much cheaper price:-

  • Patel Chest Institute – The best place to acquire Delhi University books is outside Patel Chest Institute. You will receive the most recent version of each book on practically every subject for one-fourth of the MRP. You will receive an amazing discount on every book. Not only can you acquire semester books from here, but you can also get a ten-year paper to help you in your examinations.

  • Daryaganj – it will not be wrong if we say that “ Daryaganj is the books capital of Delhi.” You can not only get books of just your course but also various genres in kilos at a very cheap price.

  • Paharganj market –  Paharganj’s Bookstores contain your college curriculum as well as any additional publications you may want for reference, including past year test papers. This place is also famous for the name ‘Backpackers Ghetto’. Since there are many different sorts of books accessible on the market, you will have no trouble finding books here.

  • Sadar Bazar – Sadar Bazar is one of the largest wholesale markets of Delhi. Along with clothes and cosmetics, what you can get at an extremely cheap price here is books. There are several well-known bookstores where you may get any book. New arrivals are also available in the several stores that are crammed together. You should come here if you want to acquire books at a cheap price.


  • Readings from North Campus –  Students who need to study books of different authors for a single topic in their course, such as Economics hons students, do not need to purchase all of the volumes. They may just walk to the photocopy shops outside the Delhi School of Economics or the Srcc on the north campus and receive ready-made reading material gathered from several books for a very low cost.


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