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The statement of Delhi University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Yogesh Singh, ‘we will make a decision regarding the reopening of Delhi University after Diwali’, has got all the DUites excited. Since March 2020, the University of Delhi has closed its shutter. The varsity has opened the gates to the final year students for practical classes from 16 September 2021. But however, theory classes have still not been shifted to offline.

The closure of the university has shoved the students to remain house arrested for almost two years. The students are deprived of the ‘happening’ college life for which Delhi University is famous. The adrenaline rush that the students used to get by travelling to a new location with friends, attending late-night fests and experiencing everything new is long lost now.

But, currently, with the buzz of Delhi University reopening, students are daydreaming about enjoying their ‘normal’ college life. Attending parties, clicking numerous pictures with friends, discovering new spots to hang out, ticking all the bucket list wishes and obviously attending college every day.

There is a long list of ‘what to do’ after the Delhi University reopens nevertheless there is also some work you need to finish before you make re-entry to your colleges. Keep reading to find out!

1. Get stuffed with home-cooked food

The primary thing is to intake lots of home-cooked food. Be it mum’s Rajma Chawal, Nani’s Nariyal ke Ladoo or dad’s special chai, you need to have it all. Who knows when you’ll be able to eat those heavenly dishes after Delhi University reopens huh? Additionally, you need to wake up your sibling at 2 AM to make and eat your cheese wali pasta. Forget about calories and eat some extra mango/chilly pickle with every meal and demand deep-fried pakoras in evening snacks.

It is a universal truth – you can’t find the peace you get from home-cooked from anywhere else.

2. Spend some quality time

Reality check – you won’t get enough time to spend time with your family once Delhi University reopens. Yes, you’ll be engrossed with your college classes, friends, internships and other stuff. So, it is advised to spend quality time with your family members. Help your mother with household chores, sit with your father to watch news on the TV, ask your grandparents to tell you interesting stories and do weird and fun activities with your sibling. Plan picnics and outings, watch movies together, dine together and laugh and create memories together.

A family who stays together, slays together.

3. Get into routine

Lockdown has forced all of us to stay all day inside the house making us couch potatoes. Binge watching all night and waking up late in the morning, eating junk and not indulging in physical work, becoming pro procastinator and delivering work one minute before the deadline; we have got all the lazy habits during the house arrest. So, therefore before stepping into Delhi University you need to get into routine. Getting into a proper routine will help you concentrate more in your college activities.

4. Enjoy the little things

Think about it – will you be able to have your mid-day lecture coffee in offline classes? Will you be able to make it at 8AM class after waking up at 7:59AM for whole two years? Will you be able to get up and dress well when you have been in your pjyamas? Will you be able to ignore the question asked by professor by saying ‘internet connection issue’? Will you will be able to score well if it was not for OBE? Got your answer right?

Enjoy the little things till it last.

Image Source: NDTV


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