National Start-up Day 2022

National Start-up Day 2022

“ The success of the young entrepreneur will be the key to India’s transformation in the new millennium. “

  • Dhirubhai Ambani

Start-ups, which are the new trend of today are growing at an extremely high pace. They have completely changed the vision of the society towards launching new businesses and self- employment.

What is a Start-up ?

Start-up is basically a company that is established by one or more entrepreneurs to supply the commodity or product that has or can have high demand in the near future. It is on the first stages of operation and development.

There is a slight difference between Start-up and Entrepreneurship that Start-ups are generally based on new ideas by individual founders. Whereas, Entrepreneurship can be based on new or even old idea and includes sole- proprietorship, small businesses.

There are various types of start-ups –

  • Small business
  • Buyable
  • Scalable
  • Offshoot
  • Social and more.

Start-up Companies in India

At present, India is at the third rank after United Stated and China respectively to have the most number of Start-ups in the world. The number of start-up firms in India is Sixty Thousand (60,000). There is at least one start-up in each of 625 districts of India that means every state and Union Territory has at least one established start-up. In India, unemployment is one of the biggest concerns. Start-ups are playing a key role in providing employment to people. Starting businesses have generated almost 5.5 lakh Start-up Jobs in India.

Start-up India Scheme

Start-up India Scheme is the initiative launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 wherein eligible start-ups are given an opportunity to get recognized by DPIIT (Department for promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). The start-up funding has also caught up pace because of the same. Various corporations and agencies have started investing in the Start-up ideas to earn profits.

Nation’s first National Start-up Day

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi interacted with start-ups of the country on January 15, 2022. He stated that start-ups are going to be the backbone of India. He also mentioned that they are proving out to be the game changers for the country. And then after congratulating the start-ups, he announced that from now onwards January 16, 2022 will be celebrated as the “National Start – up Day”.

It is indeed a very proud moment for the Start-up firms of the country, their founders and their teams. We whole heartedly Congratulate all the Start-up Companies of the country for their great achievements.

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