Looking for Multiple Internships? Here is the job portal that would help you achieve your dream job!

When hiring is becoming costly affairs in such a scenario portal like InternsInfo is a platform where one can post jobs freely. There is no charges for applicants too for applying multiple jobs.

InternsInfo is providing one stop solution for companies to post their all jobs same time job seekers primarily internship seekers are finding its easy to apply for multiple internship in a single go. Companies are finding that maximum job seekers those are looking for internships are already done with one internship and hunting for their next internship. They do multiple internship one after another that too within the gap of 2-3 months.
Paid internships are given 1st priority over non-paid as per the current trends amongst youths but if assignments matching with future career aspirations then money does not matter.

Employer and Employee relationship has been changing rapidly. Gone are the days when employees used to search for jobs, now its employers who are searching for employees. InternsInfo is finding difficult to fulfill increasing hiring needs of corporate.

Many startups are not in position to expand their businesses due to shortage of resources, even MNCs put their project at standstill stage just because of unavailability of qualified manpower.

Initial findings of InternsInfo reveals that there is high level of smartness in terms communication skills and attitude with Delhi University students, reason could be they participate in their social and cultural activities so much that its given equal importance with their studies. They have so many societies, cultural clubs, cells, clubs and groups that most of the grooming happens at early stage of their career, there is no exaggeration if one says DU students top everywhere.

Wait and watch concept does not exist at InternsInfo since active job seekers & active employee seekers connect at a rapid speed here.

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