Lessons that we can learn from Children on this Children’s day

Lessons that we can learn from Children on this Children’s day!


Do you know what makes children the joyous, jovial, and beautiful little creatures that they are?

There is only one wonderful reason for this enigma, and that is because these tiny beings do not have a file in their heads labeled “all the things that may go wrong.”


Our most treasured memories are undoubtedly, our childhood memories. The happiness, the affection, and the things that we used to do without wondering what others will think have a deep place in our hearts which nothing can replace . But time passes by in the blink of an eye, and we didn’t know it until we grew up and started racing in the rat race like everyone else, making our own decisions with no one to instruct us on what to do and what not to do.

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 This children’s day let’s forget what we are currently struggling with and let’s once again reminisce our childhood memories. Let’s bring out our photo albums and remember those instances when we jumped in a puddle full of mud and dirty water to sail our boats when we destroyed walls with our precious art when we broke our mom’s favorite saucer and hid in the storeroom and let’s once again feel that happiness again!


After doing this, let’s just ponder and analyze why we were so happy? What needs to be done to feel that happiness again? What could be the lessons we can learn from our childhood?

  • Never let the germs of curiosity and excitement die – Children learn through their curiosity. As kids learn about the world, they push buttons, flip knobs, open drawers, and have a million questions and theories about practically everything. They are not concerned about what others may think about their actions. We, too, have a small person inside of us with fresh ideas and an inherent need to express ourselves. However, sometimes along the process, we lose that eagerness to learn new things and explore new things. If we can relearn to be inquisitive like children, we may find greater self-fulfillment and delight

  • Don’t be a scrooge when it comes to laughing.-Who doesn’t enjoy seeing others laugh and smile? You can not only make yourself happy by laughing, but you can also make others happy. So, Laugh as much as possible since laughing is thought to be the finest stress reliever and maybe the best treatment for any form of emotional discomfort. It causes positive physical and emotional changes in the body, improves mood, relieves stress, relaxes the body, and reduces pain.
  • Seize the day – To be able to live in the present, you must let go of your fears for tomorrow and your regrets about the past. Living in the present moment also makes you aware of your surroundings and allows you to make mindful decisions. Allow the anguish of the past to keep you from smiling now!

  • Embrace yourself as who you are – Children are unconcerned about what others think of them; they are who they are. Much of the stress is from being overly concerned with what other people think. Simply immerse yourself in it and be yourself. Accept yourself as you are.

Don’t be afraid to accept your mistakes- Just do it, whether it’s professing your feelings for someone, acknowledging your faults, appreciating someone’s gestures, or being genuine to yourself. Because then only you will understand what it is like to live without guilt, remorse, or deception.

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