the feeling of burnout


I’m burnout. Or I was.

When talking about burnout, I have had a conversation with two kinds of people – those who get it and those who don’t? Those who get it, obviously get it because they have been there. They have felt it themselves. Or they have seen their family, friends or relatives hitting a wall, becoming a ghost or whatever and then eventually sticking to the corner of the house. They just know it. And they don’t want it for anyone, because they are aware of it, its consequences, and that it takes time.

At the another end of the spectrum is, uh, what “Oh! I have been there you know. Just take a few days off, go on a vacation and you’ll be fine. No tension. Let me introduce to a great restaurant nearby and I will call next week okay?” And the worst is that they treat burnout like nothing. “Just go for a movie, you’ll freshen and the you could concentrate.” or “you’re just to lazy and procastinating things” – is what you hear. Oh boy! we seriously need some awareness around this corner.

I recall, I thought of not doing anything. Absoulety nothing – or that that is something I actually could fathom. I literally asked my sister to decide a series to watch on Netflix because I didn’t have the energy. I scrapped all the things that I used to love doing but didn’t want it to do now. Moreover, I used to call Urbanclap for doing the cleaning the house chores and used Zomato to order all my meals. So, I remember I desperately wanted to ‘enjoy’ things back again and be ‘productive’.

If you’re in the same situation, or you encounter a friend in the same situation, all I can suggest is to be kinder to yourself than you realize. Don’t add anything to your plate until you’re recovered – and please don’t be the person that does that to others. If you haven’t experienced burnout, then maybe, imagine 10x worse than your current perception, and act accordingly.

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