The Best Young Investor

The Best Young Investor 2021

DU Assassins is glad to announce the winners of the “Best Young Investors 2021” Sponsored by Institute of Marketing & Management (IMM), JJ Foundation, Yocket and InternsInfo:

In a bid to find the best investors among today’s youngsters ,the “Best Young Investor Contest 2021” DU Assassins organized the competition and it received a huge response form the youth. Each participant transformed the way we think about investing and wowed us with their ideas, but just a handful stood out after such a large response and extensive evaluation. 


We are happy to announce the winners of “Best young investor 2021,” as each of them presented a unique perspective that demonstrated their out of the box thinking.


Ananya Chawla was awarded first place for her outstanding performance.

Satwik Nirmal came in second place for his innovative ideas.

Vatsal Gautam was awarded third place for his remarkable efforts.


Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all of the winners, and we wish them the best of luck for their upcoming ventures in the future. We also advise all of the other participants not to lose heart since there are many other chances awaiting for them in the real world of investing.

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