A few days back, all DU students who were locked in the nexus of online lectures just had one desire for which they were ready to trade anything and everything: the reopening of the university for all students and the resumption of offline classes so that they could enjoy the college life that they always dreamed of.

 But now, after nearly three semesters of education online, when there is speculation of reopening the university, we realize that every coin has two sides!! Isn’t that right?


  • No more waking up at 7:59 for a lecture at 8? 

For an online lecture, you didn’t have to wake up one hour earlier, get ready, travel to college only to reach there, and feel sleepy again. The only prerequisite for an online class was to WAKE UP! Simply wake up, turn on the laptop, click on the link and you were ready to go. But now you will have to adapt to the wise saying of “MOVE ON” and get comfortable with all the painful things listed in the beginning.


  • Now no meals in between the lecture?

Gone will be the days when you used to have your breakfast, lunch, and midday munchies together with the lovely voice of our professors. You would have to wait till the break and drool over food and dream about your dear cafeteria sitting in your live lecture!


  • No more naps!

Got a boring lecture? Well, learn to live with it! Because after college reopens you won’t be able to escape it by taking a nap anymore unless you want to get kicked out of your class by your favorite professor.


  • Say goodbye to binge-watching!

In no mood to study and planning to mute your google meet to binge-watch Netflix? FORGET ABOUT IT! Now you will have to study and sit in the entire lecture listening to the sweet voice of your professors to get a good score at least in attendance.


  • End of antisocial era!

It is now time to resurrect the extrovert in you that was lost a year ago since you must now meet with actual people, not just the first letter of their names with their voices on the google meet.


  • The biggest nightmare – OFFLINE EXAMS!

Yes, your worst dread will turn into reality soon. No more Open book examinations, no more use of textbooks while giving an exam, no more show of unity of the entire campus in sharing answers, no more spread of brotherhood, and the most painful part – saying goodbye to our best friend who has been through thick and thin of every test – “GOOGLE”. Now you will have to study and write exams on your own whether you pass or fail!