Report on two polls held by the DU Assassins on What is the best way for studying? & What is your opinion on Fee Hike by Delhi University?

Two polls were held by the DU Assassins team for Delhi University students. The following are the questions for which the poll is looking for answers: –


  • What is the best way for studying?
  • What is your opinion on Fee Hike by Delhi University?


The poll questions and their options are depicted in the images below: –


Furthermore, for both the polls, the results team received are as follows:-

The results of Poll 1 are shown in the below-attached pie chart.

As can be seen, the majority of students prefer to study offline, with approximately 69 percent agreeing, followed by smartphones at 19 percent, laptops, and desktops at 12 percent and 0 percent, respectively.


The following are some of the likely causes behind the preponderance of offline preference:-

  1. In comparison to an offline institution, it is more difficult to absorb and grasp things in an online setting, and the teacher-student relationship will be more intellectual.
  2. Many students reside in rural areas with no reliable internet access, making it impossible for them to continue with their studies.
  3. Offline classes on campus definitely give a wide exposure and more opportunities for personality development to the students that is they are not able to avail themselves while online classes.
  4. Some students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, which is why they don’t have access to modern devices and electronic gadgets.


The below-attached pie chart depicts the results for poll 2.


We can clearly assume from the findings of survey 2 that the majority of students oppose the fee hike. The classes have been continued online and are continuing in the same manner as they have been for the past year and a half. Students are strongly opposed to online classes, and the cost hike is seen as pouring salt in the wounds of students in such circumstances.

By Research Specialist – Nisha Upadhyay

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