Last minute OBE Tips 2021

 Last minute OBE Tips 2021


With the advent of OBE exams from tomorrow for the students of Delhi University, here are some last-minute tips that can prove to be your savior.


  • Assemble all the books and study material-  Yes it’s an open book examination but still, you need a book to at least write something in your exam. So at least download pdfs of the books in your course so that you can use the Ctrl+f command in order to imprint something in your sheet.

  • At least give a reading – Yes! you have spent your entire semester sleeping and binge-watching while putting your lecture on mute. Well, it’s not too late, at least give a reading to your books in order to know what topic is where in order to activate your reflexes as soon as you spot that topic in your question paper you can open that topic in your textbooks and start working.

  • Adopt the principle of kindness – Be kind and polite with everyone in your class no matter how irritating you find that person because you never know how he/she may help you to ‘PASS’ in your exams.

  • Bring out the extrovert in you –  Though you were sleeping in your lectures still there would be one voice except that of the professor that helped you fall asleep. FIND THAT VOICE!! Bring out the extrovert in you. Text him/her.Try to find your common interests, if you can’t then make up your common interests and experience a true bond of friendship because this bond is the key to opening the lock of the uncertainty of your passing.

  • Make a list of backups in case of a problem with the portal – Though you haven’t made any notes in your entire semester at least assemble the list of email ids and nodal officers to contact in case the portal crashes and you are not able to upload your answers or are facing any other issue.


After all the last-minute tips  I would just like to wish you all the best for your exams. Just stay calm and believe you can do it. And you will get through them as you have through everything else in your life. ( also previous OBE’s).

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