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You must be familiar with the three seasons of the Delhi University colleges:
1) Fests
2) Protests
3) Tests

Between these seasons come one important season. This season is usually not in our conversations but however, it has the ability to blow up your mind. Well, it is none other than – The Internal Season. Yes, you heard it right!

The internal season comes just a month before your semester exams are scheduled to give you the wake-up call. The definition of the internal season will be – a period of 10 – 15 days where all the teachers give assignments to write, presentations to make and schedule class tests. The speciality of the internal season is that teachers won’t consult each other and end up giving deadlines that will overlap each other to give you sleepless nights. All the hype of the internal season is that you’ll be actually looking into something course-related stuff that will finally make your parents proud.

Today, the internals are not only limited to assignments. You have to be a pro to make presentations, prepare for vivas, write research papers and even give class tests.

And I won’t be wrong if I state that the internal session is the nightmare of every student. How can you write an assignment when you haven’t held the pen in the last three months? Could you submit a spelling-error free handwritten assignment when you have been relying on autocorrect till now? How can you follow deadlines when you’ve been lying on the bed and procrastinating ever since the lockdown started? How can you turn on the camera for giving a presentation when you are in your comfy pyjamas and shabby hairstyle? Right?

If you’re someone facing difficulties in competing with your internal season, keep reading to find out the correct way to tackle it.

Step 1

The crucial part of doing an internal is planning. Chart down a plan and divide your 24 hours into small segments. This will help you to complete all the internals before the deadline. Plan how much portion will you complete in how many days so that you don’t end up crying one night before the submission.

Step 2

After preparing the full-proof plan to submit all the assignments before the deadline, there is a high probability of you procrastinating. You will think to start tomorrow but in reality, the ‘tomorrow’ never comes. Therefore, listen to motivational Bollywood songs like ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ and ‘Kar Har Maidaan Fateh’ to get the required boost.

Step 3

Finally, after finding the energy to get up from the bed, you need to find your readings, texts and resources to write the answers. However, you’ll drastically fail in finding them because come on – it is an online college. Thus, contact your responsible CR to send you the syllabus of the semester so that you could download the required resources. Create a folder on your desktop and store all the PDFs, links, ebooks and everything.

Step 4

When you pick up your pen to start writing your assignment you will suddenly feel hungry or need to go to the bathroom or remember some other stuff. Well, all these are your defensive mechanisms to avoid doing your assignments. In such situations, the best thing is to go to your mother or father. A good lecture on how miserable your future will be, a comparison with Sharma uncle’s son and a scolding for not being responsible and being a burden on the family will motivate you enough.

Step 5

After writing the first paragraph of the assignment you’ll realise that it is Online Mode. No matter what, you can’t compare it with offline internals. It is the moment of realization – you take a big gulp of coffee and sit back to ponder when the college will reopen.

Step 6

The final step is to call your friends to discuss the future plan. Together, figure out the most active students in your class and has a good reputation. Eventually, approach them with a warm smile and try to be friends with them. Take their help and notes and submit your assignment swiftly before the deadline. Because the reality is – who really studies in online classes (except for toppers)?

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