5 Tips to Prepare for UPSC

The UPSC Civil Services Exams are indeed a high bar to cross. There is much competition and, often, an aspirant takes the exam more than once. Those who clear it in the first attempt have usually begun early, while still in college. While this is easier said than done, here are some tips to do […]

Blockchain The IOT Companion

BLOCKCHAIN: THE IOT COMPANION Blockchain is a technology which records data¬† or information which makes it very difficult or impossible to make a change in the data, hack or cheat the system. A Blockchain, In reality is a digital ledger of the transactions which is duplicated or copied and then distributed over the complete network […]

Rape And Sexual Assault

RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT Rape & sexual assault is a crime which involves sexting, sexual harassment, touching, or forced touching or fondling in public. Rape is any unwanted sexual penetration (vaginal, anal, or oral) or contact with the genitals that is the result of actual or threatened physical force (without consent) or when the person […]

Quantel’s Personalized Mentorship Sessions

Do you often worry thinking about your future? Does heavy competition for the limited spots stress you out? Professional problems require professional solutions, and who else can be better than the industry experts to help you out. Quantel.in is a personalized mentorship platform where students, aspirants, or growth seekers get the opportunity to connect with […]

Special Crash Course available for class 12 (2021 Batch) by

Greetings from Ed Times We, the students of Shri Ram college of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi have started an initiative to provide online teaching to commerce students at minimal prices.     Come and witness the unique strategies of State toppers. Special Crash Course available for class 12 (2021 Batch) Full syllabus revision in 1 month. […]