Ever imagined what AI future tools might be there when we fast forward to maybe 30-50 years from now. Will it be the same? Or will it be very different and not at all distinguishable? Let’s explore through our creative minds and see what possibly some future AI tools could be that we might be using –

1) AI nurses: Artificial intelligence is already very ahead of time as of now, it is taking over so many sectors of business and maybe even lead in some industries in future. AI is a very fast technology and with a good system being made, it is very rare for it to make mistakes. This skills of an AI are already used in some simulations of medical sciences and some of them are even able to replicate human emotions back to back, which makes the it a possibility that in future, AI might take the job of a nurse.

2)Automated AI driven car/cabs: Automated cars are already into the existence but they still don’t have the fully automated control, in future, AI might lead over as virtual drivers and make a fully automated experience for people and drop off to places on its own. Possible right?

3)AI partners: In this world of busy timing and lack of love and care, AI is also being used like a partner to talk to, as a friend, a guardian or whatever role you want to give it, it can replicate your talking style and understand your relationship with the system. This is already done by some apps like “Replika: My AI friend”, but which u future might take a big turn then what it is now and be in the real presence of ours.

4)AI hologram television: Hologram has been quite in the timeline, of technology, it was also one thing which is shown in fictional sci-fi tech movies and we always wonder, when will it be real so that we can use a hologram? Maybe soon, many tech companies are trying to create the hologram into a different level and incorporate it into TV’s and phones, for an augmented reality effect.

5)AI teachers: Students are already using a lot of technological things to study nowadays, ChatGpt has also been escalated so high in just a matter on months, AI has knowledge about unlimited topics, can reply under seconds and customise your answers as per your understanding, AI has a high potential to take over the jobs as teachers and be there as full time online study platform which might also eliminate physical schools and create one digital media for the same.

These examples are just a possibility of what AI tools might come in the future, but how effective and efficient will be or what power it holds, is known by none.

-Harshanbita Anujoy

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