Graphic Design Work

We present to you a go-to graphic design service by DU ASSASSINS. We are a team of
dedicated individuals who work together to provide a custom design service and help to
build your brand.

Our tried and tested creative process makes the design magical. And with that, we look
forward to turning your imaginations into custom designs you can’t get anywhere else.
Our services:

  1. Cover page design for eBook,
    We ensure that the design remains true to your brand identity and meets the
    market requirement.

  2. Design website pages
    Experience carefully curated content for your website.

  3. Design Decals For MacBook Or iPhone
    With the right mix of our colours and your imagination, we turn your ideas into

  4. Design Consultancy
    Not sure about your new Instagram page? Tensed about following a particular
    theme for posting on social media channels for your business? Worry no more.
    DU ASSASSINS is here to rescue you.

  5. T-shirt Graphic Design
    We are here to put your brand in front and centre for your teams and clients. With
    the customization of T-shirts, doing things differently has never been easier.

6. Workshop/ Training on Design
Thrilled to learn about graphic designing? We have got the right platform for you.

  1. Memes preparation etc.
    Marketing for you becomes easy with the tips and tricks we present to you. DU
    Assassins is a one-stop solution for finding the right Memes and marketing posts
    for your societies, clubs or businesses.

Contact us for more details!


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