Mistakes to avoid as a Fresher

Mistakes to avoid as a Fresher

Every high school student have higher expectations from their university. As soon as the session starts, they begin to dwell every single domain which they get, sometimes without even realizing their interests or aim. Here is a list of mistakes that students make while entering their dream university.


1. Running for nothing.

Students get more opportunities of participation and competition as soon as they enter college. Without even analyzing their self interests, they tend to indulge themselves in almost every thing, which later leads to hustle for them.


2. Collecting Certificates.

Many students in their first year makes a huge mistake by trying to collect more Certificates, due to which they compromise their time and studies. We must know that Certificate with quality or value are the one that matters.


3. Joining societies without internet.

Most of the students fall into the hole of joining multiple societies, which can do both uplift ones personality or degrade your confidence as you won’tget time for yourself, it all depends on the environment of the one. We must focus on our interests and continue with the one where we can have friendly seniors and colleagues to learn, grow and improve.


4. Prioritizing societies over internships.

The major issue of freshers begin when they start believing that society will do more good to them then internships, which can prove to be a setback in future. We should always do as many internships as we can to upgrade our resume and to gain an intellectual working experience.


5. Choosing a wrong circle.

This is one of the biggest concern nowadays, we see that every seven in ten students faces difficulties in getting placements and struggles with the decision of their future. That is because of the circle they choose to hangout with, initially they enjoy themselves and later on it tends to blur the future of a student, who came to the university with the motto of becoming an extraordinary professional.


If every student is careful with these points then they eventually make their dreams come true. With both the hard work and smart work, one will be able achieve goal, with the lack on any one of these can be considered as drawback.


To every student: Be fearless, start exploring, always learn, improve, grow and glow over the time.

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