Every student looks forward with excitement to the starting of the most experimental years of their lives but monsoon showers can surely make it gloomy. As the monsoon season hits the country, the challenges raised for the college students cannot be overlooked.

Many students are seen walking over bricks to navigate their way through waterlogged entrances of their respective colleges. Likely, it was a nightmare to get into the college due to construction work going on an underpass near Sri Venkateswara. Similar scenes are witnessed at Daulat Ram and many other colleges.

Moreover, rain water combining with sewage didn’t help the matters at all. New clothes and sandals purchased to make a fashion statement are effectively ruined. No one is fond of sitting in a classroom with wet jeans or pants for that matter.

Rain also affected the usual crowd around the campus and different eateries around the area. However, the students travelling by their personal transport didn’t face much problem.

According to Anuja Bhardwaj, a student of Stats, the principal had already warned them at the orientation that they might face some inconvenience because of the rain and the metro construction.

Whereas the rain brought huge smiles to the students of Gargi College. The freshers soaked in the beautiful sight of a red-brick rainwashed building set against the vibrant greenery.

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