On Wednesday morning, A 18 years old DU Student was found very unconscious at her college’s washroom in Janakpuri. When she was taken to nearby hospital, she was affirmed dead at arrival. Police thinks it’s a suicide because she had swallowed pesticide.

Vijay Kumar, DCP of West, said that the student was recognized as Vicky Kumari. Under section 174 of CrPC has been introduced, but no suicide note was found at student’s home or at the spot.

Her classmates told to Police that Vicky Kumari was studied in Bharti College,  pursued BA Prog. Course and in 2nd Year. It was her 2nd day in 3rd Semester. She lives in Nangli Vihar Extension and she left her home for college around 8.30am. That was quite early!
When she was going to washroom at new building of college , the classes were yet to start. Some said that they seen her crying too.

At 9.20 am, another aspirant went to washroom and heard that Kumari was crying. Kumari had locked herself from inside and even didn’t respond when this another aspirant tried to talk to her. That another aspirant came out and told to other students then somehow they managed to climb a wall. Kumari was lying on the floor and foam coming out of her mouth.

Then the college staff broke to open the door to get that Kumari out. A bottle of pesticide was also found there. She was declared dead in DDU hospital. Postmortem report was happened on Thursday.

Senior Police Officers said that they found the cellphone but didn’t found any knife in her bag.

Lok Nath Kumar, Kumari’s father said that he received a call from college that his daughter was collapsed in college. He thought that may be her daughter was fell unconscious and when they reached college, she was dead. Her mother had to be hospitalized and felt unconscious due to shock.

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