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Mercado, being the most elite society over DU network in the Marketing Domain, has achieved laurels whilst working with a passionate team.
The Society was established in December 2014 and since then, the growth of its members and of society as a whole, has been tremendous.

Counting from as back as 2016-17 tenure, We have organized Marketing Competitions which sought participation from colleges from all over India. The event was named as ‘Markage’ which was sponsored by ‘Hero Moto Corp.’ and ‘Swiggy’.
At the time of Demonetisation, we took a stand and helped vendors and small workers who were out of work, to sell Paintings and Printed Media at Zero cost.
A numerous number of events which centred around Strategic Management and Marketing with a pinch of thrill and gaming were also organised which attracted participation in hundreds for each event.
Online Competitions like “Meme-It” and Food blogging contests alone had 5,632 applications from all over India. Mercado helped ‘ALL’ of its members in getting placement from the campus. This year, we had 100% placement in big corporates usually referred to as “BIG 4s”.

In 2017-18, It was a year of complete bonding, fulfilling our social responsibilities. Our tied-up campaign with ‘Lone Packers’ was a successful campaign which helped the NGO in getting 520+ handwritten positive letters. Another year of Markage with the newer edition named Markage 2.0 awarded INR 30,000 worth cash and kind prizes to the winning team. Events based on Tragedy, Mystery, and Space Action were designed and a flashmob was organized while held hundreds of spectators amused and spellbound.
Placements were as high as they have been last year.

The society, at its heart, treats each of its members as family and this is what we all regard as our ‘true achievement’. We stand for each other no matter what, no matter how hard time tests any of us. We stand united.

Motto of the Society
Outplay. Outwit. Outlast. We say it all in our tagline.

What is it that makes your society unique?
Mercado undoubtedly stands apart in terms of Work-Quality, Team Work and Smart Events. We are the only society that organises invite-only Marketing Competitions that get participation from colleges spread all over India. We have the strongest base of sponsors. Unlike most of the societies, we do not mass-recruit. We select and scrutinize people very carefully. Every person experiences almost each and every position of authority and/or responsibility within a period of 2 years. Not only this, we have a highly professional team which is bonded with love and care altogether. We treat everyone as our family and affection is the essence of Mercado.

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