On Wednesday, Sangeeta, an 18-year-old student went to DU’s Bharti College for admission in Journalism (Hons), her dream course. But she didn’t know that it would turn out to be one of the most enduring days of her life.

She completed the admission process with the help of faculty members at DU, but she was unaware of the fee structure for the course. However, when she got to know that the fees for journalism (Hons) is Rs. 10,000, and was asked to submit the fee then she told the authorities about her financial problems.

A Professor at the College, Nandini Sen, knows her financial problem and said that a few years back, she had lost her father and from then her mother is taking care of her by selling vegetables. But for the last few months, the mother is not working due to her health issues. The family was entirely out of money.

Then, due to this problem, the mother and daughter asked the officials if they could pay the fee in the next 3 months. As per Delhi University rules, the fee should be paid online at the time of engaging in any course. Sen said that the officer managing the admission promptly elevate the matter with the principal. And, she was the first one to arise with the perception of merge money for her fee.

Within a precise notice, the teachers managed to merge money and completed the admission process of the aspirant. She said that most of the teachers paid in cash and those teachers who did not have cash they paid online.

Meanwhile, the officials who present there they said that neither her mother not that girl could consider that it had happened. The professor said that it was their duty to help students beyond our assigned duties. After all, an aspirant should not be needy of education due to any reason

Mukti Sanyal, Principal of Bharti College said that Bharti College has been working on many initiatives to help aspirants coming from the economically unsteady category. They have a programme entitle ‘earn and learn’ in which aspirants can do some work like in administration or library and then students can pay their fees too.  It also helps aspirants to endure their studies with a sense of excellence.

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