‘Markos’, meaning hammer in Latin, is a hallmark of the robust attitude that the society has. It also describes the omnipotence of marketing in every field in today’s scenario

The logo of Markos depicts “networking” through its stylized ‘M’. The term itself delineates zeal and enthusiasm to attain knowledge. Not only its name but the logo also delineates the members hunger and keen interest best to gain knowledge too. The icon of the society depicts its multi-faceted atmosphere.


The society believe in discussing and sharing ideas for which it organises regular sessions themed on plethora of marketing topics.



MARKOS established itself in year 2017 and since then has scaled newer heights.

The society’s annual event is Marketing Bravado. The event consist of unique rounds which simulate a corporate environment and test brand awareness, impulse decision making, strategy formulation and creative thinking of participants. All of this, because the society believes “Everyone is a marketer, we just give you a push”.


The society also has an active Facebook page and Instagram account which posts latest marketing updates, articles, news and trends regularly. Apart from that it also runs a blog for discussing and sharing marketing ideas on which articles written by members are posted.

It encourage it’s members to read , observe and learn about marketing through all means and also share information about various ongoing marketing workshops and Ttaining courses on group.

The society also approaches dignified personalities from marketing and corporate circle to invite them for seminars and talks.



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