Myth Vs Reality: Women College Edition

If you think women colleges aren’t real colleges or are afraid to enroll into one because of certain fears, then you’ve come to the right place my friend. For here we have certain widely accepted myths busted for you.

1. Myth : After 3 years of college life in a women’s college, one will become a lesbian, if not then definetely a feminist.
Reality: Women’s colleges are known for high spirited, independent students graduating out of it. So if you are one of the lucky few to have gotten into one, be glad that you will come out all guns blazing once you graduate.

2. Myth : The atmosphere is unnatural
Reality: Nothing is unnatural about spending your college life with a bunch of like minded and strong willed HUMANS. So dont panic if there aren’t any boys around, it saves you from so much of the drama.

3. Myth : Students aren’t well dressed to college because no boys to impress right!
Reality : The misconception that people dress for others and not for themselves is the root of this myth. Sure, you will find the students in their pajamas but that ain’t because there are no boys around to impress. Attending the morning lectures is more important, thats why.

4. Myth : One misses out on a lot of the regular college experience
Reality : Do we? It’s a college after all, not a spa. There are cultural societies to be a part of, departmental functions to organize, fests to attend and also the good old lectures. If this ain’t the regular college experience, then God knows what is.

5. Myth : You lose a chance to find the One
Reality : Bollywood movies have really ruined it for us. Life in college has been made so synonymous to finding love over actually studying or developing oneself as an individual. College life is about finding the real you and being in a girls college will actually help you, for you will find people who will understand you better than anyone else.

So get out there and live your life your way. And if the road to your success goes through a girls college, you have so less to worry and so much to achieve.

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