“The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu

From a small community of economics enthusiasts, KIRT: THE ECONOMICS SOCIETY of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College passed each and every hurdle gracefully and converted challenges into opportunities.


Ever since Economics started in our college, an economics society was started to organize events like lectures, seminars, quiz and other academic evens.

☆ In 2012, the society was renamed as KIRT and thus KIRT : THE ECONOMICS SOCIETY was born.

☆ We take our name from ‘Kirt Karō’, one of the three pillars of Sikhism given by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

☆The word KIRT means to earn an honest, pure and dedicated living by exercising one’s God-given skills, abilities, talents and hard labour for the benefit and improvement of the individual, their family and society at large.

☆ The Society is determined to achieve excellence by harnessing the true potential of students. Each year the students try to do something bigger and become better.

About members

The members of the society believes in the power of honesty and hard work. They work tirelessly the entire year and plan multitude of exciting events and activites which certainly make students put on their thinking caps and step into the shoes of economists.

Each year we plan and organise a plethora of unique and mind boggling events:

1. Annual Education fair
2. Seminars for knowledge and skill building
3. Annual fest: EMANATION

So, let’s get together, join our hands and spread the love for Economics.

Want more Info?

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Team DU Assassins wishes All the best to “KIRT SOCIETY” for there Upcoming Batch

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