“Life is a like a camera, you focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out you TAKE ANOTHER SHOT.”

INVICTUS – THE FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY of SGGSCC works passionately to reveal life through the lenses of upcoming photographers by organizing photo walks, workshops and competitions. It promotes Photography, Film-making, Script Writing and Graphic Designing.
Currently, Invictus has 23 members who work together to take this society to new heights. The members believe that photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

The society has more than 10 short films and documentaries under its name and its latest production ‘Dusk to Dawn’ has won over 12 awards at competitions conducted by IIT Delhi, St. Stephens College, etc. The society members have also won various On-the-Spot and Online Photography Competitions held at Daulat Ram College (Harshit Abichandani 1st prize), St.Stephens College (Shreyans Prakash 1st prize), JDMC (Sarthak Kathuria 2nd prize), KMV (Naman Juneja 2nd prize), etc.

Several photowalks were organized by the members of the society to hone their photography skills. These photowalks included going to Safdarjung Tomb, Qutub Minar, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, National Zoological Park, etc.
The team members also attended various photography workshops held at Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara College, etc. to build on their photography skills.
At present, Invictus is working on a movie which will be completed soon.

Invictus organizes Frames Per Second, its National Film and Photography Fest and Inayat, the Photography Exhibition every year. After last five editions’ breakthrough success, Invictus organized 6th edition of Frames Per Second and Inayat on 22nd February 2018.

The fest included events like Negative – The Online Photography Competition with themes Dark World and Bending Light. Numerous entries were received from students from all over the country.

The judge for the annual fest was Mr. Taranveer Singh, an alumnus of the college who is now a renowned cinematographer and has worked in numerous ad films and the Kapil Sharma’s Bollywood movie ‘Firangi’.

An On-the-Spot Team Photography Competition was also organized namely BATTLEFIELD, with over 40 teams participating in the preliminary round. 5 teams qualified for the final round wherein the teams were given 13 minutes in a room with various props to come up with their best photograph.

HITCHCOCK, the Short Filmmaking Competition received over 45 entries from all over the country. The judges reviewed the films on every aspect including the script, cinematography, background score, composition etc. The winners for the event were ‘Namunasib’ – Trinity Institute of Professional Studies (1st), ‘Burden’ – St. Stephens College (2nd), ‘Main Gudiya Nahi Hoon’ – Deshbandhu College (3rd).

A Photography Workshop by Canon was also organized in the New Seminar Hall. A speaker from Canon shared insights on Basics of Photography with the students. More than 70 students from various colleges of Delhi attended it. Such workshop has never been organized in SGGSCC.

The highlight of the event was INAYAT – The Annual Photography Exhibition. It was inaugurated by our honorable Principal, Dr. JB Singh. The exhibition was a success with an overwhelming number of visits. The various themes of the exhibition were Nature, Portraits, Architecture, Abstract, Moments, Monochrome, etc.

FPS was sponsored and partnered by Delhi College of Photography, Smaash, The Souled Store, DU Express, DU Vibes, DU Bulletin etc.

The event was a huge success with participation and winners from prestigious colleges like St. Stephens College, Hansraj College, NIFT Delhi, etc.

Invictus looks forward to the next session with even more enthusiasm and dedication and aims to grow as a society by achieving better results with each passing year and proving to be one of the best photography societies in the circuit and making the college proud.


Team DU Assassins wishes All the best to “INVICTUS” for upcoming new batch

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