College days have started and with zero clues about what’s out there for them, our freshers must be in a dilemma about their first days in college.

Tension on fresher’s face , here we have for you the ultimate checklist for your first weeks to college.

1. Identity proof of Freshers : Don’t forget to carry a couple of your passport size photographs and a copy of your fee receipt. You never know who might ask you for proof.

These essentials will also help you in filling out a number of forms you might have to, in the first weeks of college including forms to cultural society auditions etc.

2. Stationery essentials: Even though you might not have books to carry on your first day to college, do carry a register and a pen.

Bifurcating a thick notebook into various sections for each subject is also a great idea to take down notes and important information.

In this way, only one notebook will be enough for at least two subjects per semester. As you go through your days Freshers might get a lot of photocopied notes, carrying a file or a folder will help you keep them in order for each lecture.

3. Loose change: Speaking of photocopied notes, Freshers would need to take a lot of them over the semester and paying the shopkeeper can be a hassle since photocopies come at subsidized charges within the campus. So be sure to carry some loose change for such occasions.

4. Food and Water on the get go: One cannot stress enough on how tiring back to back lectures can be. Carrying a bottle of water and a little box of snacks to gorge on between classes will keep you hydrated and motivated to concentrate.

Also, for daily commuters to college, if you could carry your lunch for the break, it will be the best decision, not only for your pocket but also for those hostellers in your college who miss ‘maa ka khaana’ every now and then.

5. Fashion essentials: Blame it on the KJo movies, but for all of us, college is all about the fashion scene as well. The best look to flaunt this season is minimalistic comfort.

So, there you have it, the ultimate checklist to ace your first weeks in college.

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