Admission helpline of Delhi Univesity is very busy in providing answers to queries of aspirants and their parents.

The helpline has been managing 120-130 calls from aspirants and their parents on a daily basis and also helping colleges in solving several issues.

A counselor at the helpline said many aspirants said that their parents filled in their own details in the application forms.

Another counselor said that a young man called the helpline and said that while filling up his sister’s form, he had mentioned his gender,  thereby this interpret her ineligibility for admission to women’s only colleges.

Counselors receive some queries which they don’t have an answer. Like someone asked that “she has filled her gender as ‘others’ but in 6months’ time, she will be enduring a sex change operation to become a woman.  So what should she do?”

So the counselor said that he had passed the query to his seniors and a decision was yet to be taken on the matter.

Another common query that counselors get is about aspirants not able to create there admit cards for entrance exams or not able to pay fees.

In many cases, Aspirants fill 2 forms and admission cards are created on both but after they cleared of the entrance, they forget on which admit card they had taken an entrance exam and try completing their formalities on the form on which they had not taken the exam.

Aspirants are not only excited about their own admissions, but they also called counselors to ask about other aspirants who have scored high marks.

In another case this year, a college staffer ended up paying the fee of an aspirant who had asked him to cancel his admission.

Counselors say that they generally get queries from aspirants who are applying for admission to UG courses and the number of queries has refused after the announcement of the 4thcut-off list.

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