Namaskar and a Good Day!

On this morning of 20th July, 2018, I extend a warm welcome to the fresh batch of young scholars who have made it to the portals of India’s best known University. I also extend my warmest welcome to the parents, families, friends and the well-wishers of this great institution which in a couple of years shall turn 100. Most of you have waited with ample eagerness and excitement for today when you resolved to tie your life-boat to the DU’s motto – Nishta, Dhriti, Satyam – firm devotion to truth. That day has finally arrived and my congratulations to you and your extended families. Today, as you prepare to dress up and make your way to the colleges across nation’s capital, I can visualize a gigantic rainbow of talents descending on Delhi’s geography. It calls for a celebration of lifetime.

I cannot wait to tell you how excited I feel today to see the best and the brightest of India’s youngest student pool donning the classrooms of DU. I am confident that your future is brighter than the stars shining in your eyes today. I am equally hopeful of your resolve to transform your energies and talents into becoming socially productive and useful individuals. As the newest members of the DU family, you are already empowered in more ways than one.

The very fact that you made it to the portals of DU makes you all very special to me. While we embark on this momentous journey together we need to ever remind ourselves of the shared responsibilities we have. Our mutual past accomplishments augur well for us, but future shall remain as challenging as ever. Therefore, we need to remain steadfast on our principles, goals and aspirations. Our distinguished and dedicated community of teaching and non-teaching staff will guide you over the years in making the teaching-learning a joyful experience. You will receive abundant care, love and together we shall contribute to your secure and sound future. On your part, you shall always seek and remain prepared and beholden to every opportunity to learn and empower yourself in many ways you can.


Professor Yogesh K Tyagi
Vice Chancellor
University of Delhi

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