50 percent food subsidy given to the differently abled students in hostel mess has been withdrawn, even as the Delhi University administration claims to be working out on the modalities.

Claims were made by students regarding the subsidy they were receiving on food mess since 2012. However, from July, they will have to pay the same amount as the other students.

A resident of Mansarowar Hostel in the varsity stated that a demand for separate hostels for PwD (persons with disabilities) was raised in 2012. The varsity, at that time, told that there would be five percent reservation on the seats and the mess rates would be halved. Nevertheless, they have not been given food at subsidized rates from last two to three months.

Another resident of University Hostel For Women stated that numerous hostels, namely Mansarowar Hostel, Ambedkar Hostel, and CIE Hostel, have put a halt on giving food at subsidized rates.

She also added that in the next two to three months, after their funds are exhausted, the other hostels will also not give subsidy.

Speculations have been made that no grant from UGC was received by DU as it has not signed the tripartite memorandum of understanding sent by the HRD ministry.

Last year Varsity received the agreement signed between the HRD ministry, DU and UGC. In order to continue receiving funds from UGC, Varsity had to sign it.

A varsity official stated that from 2012 the subsidy was given by varsity on it’s own as they have not been receiving funding for it. They haven’t withdrawn it and will continue to provide the same. Some procedural changes have taken place and work is being done on it in order to continue providing.is being done on it in order to continue providing.

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