Sadly it is much easier to get a desert than a forest but I guess neither our govt nor anybody else understood this. Environment is just like the shell of a nut of it gets destroyed once it will be destroyed forever. Again one such incident of murdering the nature has come into light. A construction of a housing project is being conducted near the delhi university campus and for thatĀ  environment clearance has been allowed. But treating it as a unfair thing delhi university has filled a case plea against it claiming that this thing is not correct.

But to our great surprise there was no response to this plea by the officials. On Thursday National Green Tribunal directed the city govt, Delhi Jal Board and Delhi Urban Arts and Commerce to file a response to this plea of Delhi university by 1 Nov . Delhi university claims that the area where the housing project is going on that place belongs to the university and is known as ā€œsilent zoneā€ and no such activity should be done over their as itvis not only hampering with the nature but also reducing the beauty of the campus. They also said that it will damage the Northern Ridge which is close to the north campus.

Being an aware and responsible citizen we all should understand the fact that we are only the tenants pf this earth not the real owners now it is the time to decide whether we want to keep quiet or to raise our voice against such practices . So it is the peak time to decide now or never.

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