Fashion Update at Delhi University


The seasons change and so do the style statements. But there is one place where style statements are born and become ultimate and that one place is Delhi University. Horning fashion skills is a must for others but in DU it is an inborn talent.

DU students come up with fresh styles every season. Freezing winters or sweaty summers, DU is season ready every time. Many of the DU alumni such as Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Huma Qureshi etc., have made it big in the glamour industry harnessing aforesaid fact. One can simply conclude that-‘trend setters are born in colleges.

DU students do not only achieve high scores but also top it up with their excellent skills of fashion. With the advent of the summer season this year, DU students are all set to beat the heat with their cool styles.

Blue jeans paired with a cotton shirt or a t-shirt in bright colours such as white, sky-blue, yellow etc. is an all-time favourite for the DU guys. Three-fourth pants also seem to be a good option at this point of the year. Casual shoes and sandals add to the trendy look if paired with any jeans.

DU divas aren’t far behind in competing in this battle for fashion. This season prints are in, be it printed Indian Kurtis, hot shorts, jeans or skirts. Western or Indian outfits accessorized with danglers and neck pieces add to the elegance of every outfit. The look of the season is ‘hot Zara pants paired with a cool crop top’. Flip flops and stiletto heels are must haves in every girl’s wardrobe.

Backpacks in trendy colours are thumbs up for both boys and girls. To encapsulate each and every bit of this article is to say- “No matter what is the attire, just pair it up with cool sunglasses and a confident smile and you’re ready to walk the college ramp!”

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