1. Canteen wale bhaiyya:

Dosti with canteen wale bhaiyya is more important than you could even think of right now! College is a place where you are going to spend next three roller coaster years of your life and one thing you’ll need throughout is ‘food’! So, dosti with canteen wale bhaiyya is must in order to get food on discount or piling up your bills to pay later.

2. Elections wale:

Well, whosoever you may end up voting, but dosti with all those
involved in elections wil definitely help you in passing through all thicks and thicks
and thins in upcoming years.

3. Gate keeper:

“Why would we enter someone’s college every day at 8am?” But Gate keeper ko ye kaun samjhaaye One of the most annoying part is to show your i-card every time you enter the college, but dosti  with gate keeper can surely help you entering the college in SWAG!

4. DUSU wale:

If you are fond of going to events and attending other college fests,
then yeaah, DUSU wale can help you getting those passes and backdoor entries.
So, make sure you don’t miss any!

5. CR:

One thing you will miss about your college life, once it ends is bunking lectures
and attending parties or simply just hanging around with friends, exploring new
things and places but, “DU mea attendance ka panga hota hai” So, yaari with CR (class representative) can help you in gaining proxy in those lectures you miss out enjoying.

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