What’s Best to Style in Delhi University?

Best to Style in Delhi University Delhi University! Call it a place to study and chill or to explore fashion sense, the fact is undeniable that it is one of the major institutions in India where you are allowed to explore and express yourself through clothing. Here you are free from all the restricted school […]

Unlocking a list of top 10 latest fashion trends in

Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z or zoomers are the succeeding millennials. And obviously their fashion sense has led to the resurgence of some wild, noteworthy trends. This generation is known for its edgy, bold and experimental disposition fashion often sets statement trends for design, patterns, color palettes, prints and material.   With the […]

Summer Wardrobe Essentials 2021 | 10 Must-Have Essentials in your

The year 2020 has taught one thing to everyone is that the best-laid plans are liable to go awry. The past 12 months were completely filled with cancelled gatherings, postponed travel plans, and the ever-shifting “return to college or office” dates, which brought our attention to the things we can control. Namely, making wise decisions […]

College Societies – Finest T-shirts for College Events

Different beliefs are the pillars that characterize a society And no one can deny that college societies make life more happening, you finally get a chance to voice your opinions to create better surroundings. Well, you can’t do this until you stand out of the crowd. So, it’s time that you choose the finest T-shirts […]


Being a fresh DU graduate and having a sight to succeed in job interviews, its important to do the right things that make a positive first impression and show the employers that you would be the perfect fit for the company. Its important to avoid making mistakes that could raise questions about your professionalism or […]