COMMCENTRIC – The Commerce Association of Kamala Nehru College (Since 1999)


The motto of the Association is to encourage participation, raise awareness and give students an opportunity to use their skills in the real world. The Association abides by the agenda of “surrounding itself with assets, not liabilities!”

The greatest achievement of the society has been its annual Commerce Departmental Fest “Commxcelsior.” The fest has recorded a sponsorship as high as 17Lakhs in cash and kind. It has been ranked as the third best Commerce Fest in the University of Delhi by DU Beat.

Continuing the trend this year as well the fest has recorded a great footfall with the IPL Auction being nominated as the best event.

Commcentric unites 200 hardworking girls under one platform who have been putting their heart and soul together for organizing events and workshops consistently throughout the year, this is what makes the society stand apart. Commcentric believes in delivering practical knowledge to students associated with it via learning by doing.

The Association aims at covering all the fields of Commerce through its teams:

  1. Findicate (Finance Society)
  2. Markento (Marketing Society)
  3. Bizquiz Team
  4. Business Plan Team
  5. Group Discussion Team
  6. PR Team
  7. Social Media Team
  8. Ambience Team
  9. Inferno (Informal Event Team)
  10. Sponsorship Team

DU Assassins Team wishes All the best to COMMENTRIC to there new batch 2018-19

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