Top Commerce Society of Delhi University 2020-21

As competition lasted for more than a month, DU Assassin’s jury decided The Top Commerce Societies of year 2021 based on quality work, timely action, great level of enthusiasm and never give up approach. The winner team didn’t stop even when the entire world was affected with Pandemic directly or indirectly, each team member showed great level of commitment and leadership in participating.


DU Assassins team congratulates all the winners!

The main source of exploring knowledge during school days are books, once the students reach to college the source of knowledge is sought beyond books. The entire world of possibilities open up in front of them though societies. Yes, Societies give them platform to know themselves better and show the talent to others.

Societies makes like enjoyable, interesting and a bound between the each member of the team. People learn to coordinate, execute, empower, delegate and trust on each others’s capabilities for a common goal.


Here we present Top Commerce Society for the year 2021


ComSoc CVS, The Commerce Society of

College of Vocational Studies

ComSoc CVS, The Commerce Society of College of Vocational Studies was founded by a young group of dynamic and enthusiastic students of B.Com (H) in 2018. Being a Commerce Society, it aims to achieve the goal of imparting insights, practical knowledge, and experience to students of Commerce background and build a spirit of teamwork and leadership skills among the onlookers. Since its inception, the primary aim of the society has been to make the commerce students respond to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge.


COMSOC provides a platform for all the members to learn through teamwork and exchanging knowledge.

It provides its members’ the opportunities to explore different areas of commerce and keep the enthusiasm of the society throughout by conducting seminars, competitions, events & other activities. It makes its members aware of the current developments in business and industry and various challenges that a company faces in the corporate world. Through online/offline events it tries to help students identify, address and develop marketing plans, financial portfolios, prudent investment opportunities, etc. and direct the thought process of students and make them understand the importance of commercial decisions and actions taking place throughout.

By conducting webinars/seminars ComSoc encourages and assists students to increase their knowledge and skills. It also aims to provide students with an insight into the industrial world through Industrial visits, through which students gain practical knowledge on various industrial processes and it’s managerial concepts


ComSoc envisions to provide excellent and value-based commerce education. To be an educational society with total commitment to quality education in Commerce, management, and related fields, with a holistic concern for a better life, environment, and society.


We are among the Top 10 Commerce Societies of Delhi University.

Being a family of 100+ members from similar educational backgrounds synchronising creative minds and various skills to achieve new heights, we believe in the individuality of all people working with us which helps us grow as a society altogether.


Our annual event, ARCANOM and Bi-annual event, Comqueer adds to the fun learning process of everyone enhancing their general knowledge and personal growth.

During these events, all the members work together like one entity which results in its success. Through this teamwork, we aim to achieve new heights with each passing year.

Our events are a blend of academics events, fun events, webinars and live concerts!

Our latest event, ARCANOM 2.0 despite being laced with challenges of being completely virtual was an astounding success as a result of everyone’s hard work and strategical minds.

We managed to engage 150+ students participation even in virtual programming and believe in setting the bar higher each year.


Coming onto our Intra-society event, Com-A-Lympics introduced in 2021 is the most exciting event and had a bang-on beginning!

The entire society gets divided into 4 teams and compete through the way for a month in numerous fun and academic based challenges.

Well, ComSoc never failed to entertain its members even in the pandemic situation.


All three events of the society overall are a great fun learning platform sprinkled with merriment and twists!

The Event Designing team works hard day and night which leads to the success of the events.

From brainstorming for new ideas, setting full-proof plans to maintaining backups, being ready for all situations that may arise, the team leaves no room for mistakes.


The Social Media handles, maintained by the Marketing team, have seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years and the team leaves no stone unturned to increase the reach. Be it thinking of various campaign ideas for posts and trivia ideas for stories, they execute it like professionals!


Wherever ComSoc is presented in words, marks the Content team who represents the society in its very own words.

The Design and Technology team is a cherry on top who blends the ideas of marketing and content to present it to our audience in the best possible way.


Raising funds and making the society function smoothly whilst maintaining and expanding the industrial network , the Corporate Relations team has worked flawlessly!

The Human Resource team is always there for the society as well as plans games night and much more fun activities for the entire team.


All the departments, taken together, Executive Board, Advisory, Technology Partner and Core Committee have worked together and always made the society proud, without fail!


The Commerce Society of College of Vocational Studies has always tried to make the most of any given situation. Even throughout the pandemic year, ComSoc experimented on introducing an intra-society event and launched its website. Using every opportunity, we love to experiment and explore new things.

Being a family who works together as a team through thick and thin, ComSoc has pulled out all the stops and wishes to take the bar even higher in the coming years!

Here is small glimpses of how they work together for this competition video


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