Marvel Movie Series Continue: Avengers 4 teaser released

The drama isn’t ending soon for the Marvels movie series. Fans of the series thought that the marvels have done with the surprises at the end of the infinity wars with most of the avengers being badly injured and some being dead. Apparently where Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk, being not able to transform himself to a green gigantic beast and being his powers out of his control, and there comes a relief for him, when Tony Stark helps him recover through a techno suit.


The avengers 4 is being speculated to have the special technology appearences like, gadgeted suits for all the avengers, time travel and also dimensions travel. The another speculation made by fans is that Avengers 4 might be the last movie being screened by the Marvel talkies but yet no official notice is given by the studios.
If the stories are believed to be true then there might be a chance that fans would have to say bye to Hulk another disheartening story without any confirmation.

By – Rishabh Jain

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