Arrival of summer is always marked with holidays, most awaited trips, family and friends bonding and lazy afternoons. But on the contrary, it also brings increasing temperature, sweaty days, hot winds and unbearable heat which are totally unsolicited.

Yes we are in the middle of May and it’s getting hotter by the day. And it completely sucks when that sun sucks all our fluids from our body and leaves us all lethargic and lazy.

So to keep your cool in such insane heat find solace in refreshing summer drinks mentioned below. Let’s ditch the soft drinks and revisit the rich roots of our nation.


This summer reconnect with your desi roots with aampanna, a raw mango drink full of tangy goodness and hint of spices. It’s full of vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. It is a common cooling drink in north Indian homes and is perfect to fight various summer ailments such as dehydration, digestive, digestive problems and heat stroke. It’s great to maintain you’re cool.


Description: Juice Made From Fennel Seeds Keep Digestive System Healthy ...Saunf or fennel seeds are mostly used as an after meal refreshment to help with the digestion process and also to cure bad breath. A natural coolant is storehouse to potassium, dietary fibres and antioxidants. It helps to cure gas and bloating issues. It’s loaded with health perks. Totally recommended.


Bael or wood apple sharbat is a great way to deal with this awful summer heat. It’s a package of nutritious goodness which includes iron, dietary fibres, protein, vitamin C and is natural laxative. It’s a shield against the summer ailments and other disorders such as piles, respiratory problems etc.

4)   Sparkling or detox water

Description: Lemon Soda / Water – Look Act East KitchenSparkling or detox water is the new, innovative and really smart way to detox on a daily basis. All of us know the importance of water and the need to drink enough water cannot be emphasized enough. It’s a great way to complete your daily quota of water and to stay hydrated.

5)     Watermelon juice

 To be honest, watermelon juice is a nature’s gift that makes this heat bearable. A glass of it will leave your stomach and your immunity smiling for a period. It helps fighting various inflammations, cancer, kidney problems and maintains the charm of your skin. It has a high content of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C. So basically it is a glass of wonder.

Keeping your hydration intact and getting added nutritional benefits according to me is absolutely a win-win. So don’t forget to include these cool drinks in your summer diet to keep calm. Happy summers!

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