ant man and the wrap

A delightful experience that will make you forget about the recent tragedy of Infinity war. Ant man and the wasp is the 20th MCU Movie which is directed by Peyton Reed who has directed the first Ant Man Movie. This Movie is about scott, who is house arrested due to the Events that took place due to the Sokovia Accords(Civil War) and Hank and Hope trying to get Back Janet( Hanks wife and Hopes Mother) who they think is still alive in the Quantum Realm and their only hope to get her back is Scott. Well this movie isn’t Great or Brilliant but it is a Good Movie. This movie is just a stress buster. If your feeling tired you can watch it and relax. This movie is hilarious and has great visual effects, Action sequence, and Dramatic scenes but it does not count in Marcels Best ’cause the Plot is weak, the story writting is lazy, the villan isn’t strong with motives or powers, but it is still a fun and enjoyable movie which you can definately enjoy in 3D.
I am going to give this movie 8.5/10.

For Ant man and the wasp, go to the biggest theatre hall near you and, surely watch it in 3D (which I personally recommend).

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