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College life is a bucket list which includes , an exciting place to meet new flock , have a new makeover , hangout with friends , explore your abilities with lots of fun and what not.

After the stress of getting through the admission barrier , everyone want to spend their college life tension free.

College is like a new turning point in life and there would be a lot of things on your mind that you want to try and experience. But if you are clueless as to what you want to try first or what make it more fun, then don’t worry! We are here to help you out-

1) New Places, New Friends :-

One can’t imagine a life without friends . So, it is most important to find a new group of friends . Some maybe like you or some are different from you . This way you not only highlight your inner self with them but get to know lot about them also.

2) Become a College Wikipedia :-

It is important to know every corner of your college. I know in your mind you are thinking, “is it necessary?”
Yes , it is, after all without knowing what your canteen bestseller or where the WiFi signals are the best or which corner is best place to have a short nap make the college life worse. Just kidding!! It just makes it quite comfortable for you.

3) Best Campus Foods :-

North campus or south campus , doesn’t matter where you are as they are surrounded from high class restaurants to budget fit stalls with a mouthwatering food . If you are from outside Delhi , then it is a must for you to try each and every cuisine in your college life. After all it is important to boost about the things you find best in Delhi to your colleagues in home town too.

4) Trip and Tour :-

Love for travel or not doesn’t matter after all who doesn’t want to spend time with there friends . College is like a freedom where you have to utilize it the most . Trip is one of the best ways to make your college life cool and adventures. Trip is not only limited to Goa but road travel or hiking can also boost your adventure life.

5) Awesome Fresher Party :-

If you are Fresher then how can you forget the most important thing of fresher’s life !!
Yes, you are right , Fresher’s party where not only seniors welcome you but you can also showcase your talented side to them and make them stunned by it. So pull your socks to show different side to them in fresher’s party.

6) Shopping trips :-

Delhi have high branded showrooms like Zara , Nike etc to local markets like sarojini nagar , Pallika bazaar etc . If you are a DU student then you must have to explore them as much possible . As you can find different trendy stuff there . Also the stuff you buy always fits your need and make your college life really comfortable.

7) Bunk classes :-

You may find it difficult to digest but it is true that bunking class is also there in college life . They give a new edge to student life and make your college life more memorial. But remember that it is important to keep a check on yourself , that you do not overdo it.

As a college student, did you find the list useful ? Or do you have different plan for this bucket list?

If yes, then comment down below and share with us your list .

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