ABHINAY, The Street Play Society of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi was founded in 1998 by Mr. Gaurav. During its foundation years, the society was named “Anant” which is a Sanskrit word that means infinite or endless. The name “Anant” was used as it was believed that it will continue forever. But in 2010, it was renamed to “Abhinay”.
Abhinay is a Hindi word which means acting. The society goes by the tagline “We don’t take actors, We make actors” and conducts regular sessions and workshops where people who are selected and interested in street play join the society and are taught the basics of many forms of art and street play. The sessions are conducted on daily basis from 2:00-5:00pm. The session procedure isn’t a rigid one but follows a certain objective, which should be accomplished. The society members do exercises, play fun games, make scenes and learn the basics of acting, music, story building and various other skills. The sessions are prepared keeping the basic idea of acting and street play in compliment with each other. The students are instilled with the concept, idea and objectives of this form of theatre. Abhinay not only trains them to become good actors and performers but also better citizens of the country.
After a hectic procedure for two phase auditions,the society currently has 27 members from all years.
Being a street play society, Abhinay focuses on working and catering the major social issues in the country by producing a self-written and self-directed street play. The street playmaking is the process that excels learning. The members are taught about producing original script, soundtracks, writing dialogues, framing lyrics, poems and most importantly the density of issues prevailing in the world. In 19 years of the team’s history, Abhinay has produced street plays on social issues like sexuality, sexual taboos in the society, religion, increasing intolerance etc. Some recent yearly productions include Kashmir (2015-16), Rashtrawaad (2016-17), and EK*(*terms and conditions applied). EK* completed 50 performances including college and prelim performances last year. The play was also featured in The Hindustan Times and various other leading newspapers and did many public performances to aware the public about state of Separatism in India, one being the most memorable at JNU.
The society not only helps a person to learn acting but also helps in building a good personality, developing leadership skills and teamwork. It promotes team, college and individual growth. Abhinay is one of the very few consistent societies in the DU theatre circuit. The alumni of Abhinay have also been doing prosperous in future and have been acting and directing some worthy films and shows.
The society can be contacted through email here – abhinay.agrasen@gmail.com
For regular updates, stay connected to our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/abhinay.agrasen

Team DU Assassins wishes All the best to “ABHINAY” for upcoming new batch

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