A Foodies Heaven: DU’s Canteen

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The Delhi University is not only a heaven for studies but for extra co-curricular activities and food as well. The food is available at economical rates and on the other hand is delicious as well. Each college has its own canteen but every college has some eateries outside its premise. Like Tom Uncle’s maggi in north campus. Here, DU Assassins presents to you the best college canteens in DU and in no chronological order because obviously we don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiment, each student has its own college as favorite.

1. ST. Stephens

Stephens makes to every DU list be it studies, sports and food too. And remember Stephens doesn’t  has a canteen it has a cafe. The cafe offers dishes such as cutlets, chicken curry rice, scrambled eggs and toast and a lot more.

2. LSR

The LSR canteen sorry cafeteria has some of the best non-vegetarian dishes. Each day is special with a unique sweet or savory dish including chocolate cake, brownies, pizza and hotdogs.students also go crazy on Kathi rolls and Rajma chawal.

3. Hansraj

With great colleges comes great canteens. The canteen offers some of the best dishes in  the campus at cheaper than cheap prices. From Chinese to south Indian to mouth watering snacks beverages, Hansraj’s canteen has it all.

4. Hindu

Large hall, Hygienic and fresh food what else does a student living away from home wants. The Hindu’s canteen is known for its food. The dishes include samosas, dosa, parathas, bhel puri, Gol Gappe and a vegetarians ultimate saviour shahi paneer. The canteen also offers a large variety of juices and ice cream shakes.

5. IP College

A rooftop seating with a bowl of maggi and chai, a perfect bliss isn’t it (not in this season). This college with one of the best campuses in the north campus doesn’t fails to impress with it’s canteen. The menu extends from south Indian, spring rolls to chole bhature and paneer ke pakode. Packed food is also available for the hygiene conscious souls. The famous ‘Chat Ka Thela’ outside the college is among the favourites of the street food lovers.

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