Why Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) is The Best Choice

When you stand in your graduation ceremony with your Bachelor’s degree in your hand, your entire college life appears in front of your life. The good grades on your mark sheet is the result of hard work, a lot of focused studying and being determined and compassionate. You should be proud of yourself, you did it!


But, what is your next step?


What will you do now? The tempting offers from various companies can attract you to the corporate world. The salary at the end of each month seems to be a better option rather than pursuing further studies.


Supposedly, you went straight into the corporate world. But what now? After a year or two, you will feel stagnant. You won’t get a promotion or a raise in salary, evidently because of lack of “experience”. You won’t have the option of moving into another company as it requires your master degree.


So you see, having a master’s degree is important nowadays.


Certainly, a master’s degree requires your thoughtful decision. A Master’s degree demands your patience, money and effort which can be overwhelming sometimes. So by all means, you must take into account all the long term benefits of earning a Master’s degree.


To help you make the right decision, we have put together some of the benefits of adding a Master’s degree from the Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) to your career.


Why choose IMM?


Institute of Marketing and Management is a leading educational institution based out of New Delhi. Since the establishment of the venture, it has emerged as a high-quality education provider with a prime focus on holistic learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students.


Recognised by AICTE, IMM takes pride in being one of the leading educational institutions in New Delhi that is equipped with world-class facilities. IMM promises to become India’s leading university with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in teaching various courses. IMM is setting a new benchmark for other institutions with its outstanding faculty, world-class teaching standards, and innovative academic programmes.


Is it the right time to pursue Masters?


The best thing about getting a Master’s degree from IMM is that it provides various courses. You can choose the course where your interest lies. It will result in a broader understanding of your field of study. The excellent academic pursuits by IMM will make you capable of focusing on needed areas and gain a sense of practicality as you go.

Hence, IMM will make you ready to take over several challenges, and many employment opportunities that will align with your interests.


Advantages of Master’s degree from IMM


  • Get extensive knowledge

IMM’s Master’s programme gives you the opportunity of selecting the course of your interest. It covers marketing, communications, management, and several other fields lined up. You will be able to directly gain in-depth knowledge of your area of expertise.


Access to several opportunities in a Master’s degree by IMM is a great way to gain career experience and learn more about what you love along with the tools you need to succeed.


The highly talented and brainy faculty acts its best to deliver and equip you with boundless knowledge.


  • Ample opportunities

You can gain a lot of the advantages of having a Master’s degree from IMM. By nourishing your skills and overall personality with the help of the holistic environment of IMM, you will create a greater sense of understanding. This in return will increase career opportunities.


Prospective employers are much more likely to give your resume a harder look than resumes from individuals that don’t hold a Master’s degree. Your name and qualifications will shine out in front of others. If your Master’s degree from IMM managed to give you an entry ticket to the glorious outside world, rest assured that the odds of you reaching top positions are higher than those of other applicants.


  • Big bank balance

The income potential is probably the main reason why you must choose to pursue a master’s degree from IMM in the first place. IMM has a record of 99.99% placements. All the companies offering placements also offer generous salaries.



Now, who doesn’t want to live a luxurious life with all the worldly facilities? IMM placements can make that dream of yours come true.


  • Acknowledgement and fame

As the recent survey, it shows that having a Master’s degree from IMM makes employers think that you are a low-risk, high-yield employee. Employees believe that IMM has sincerely equipped you with all the skills needed to provide their company with positive results.


You will be considered a reliable person who doesn’t need any training or further capacity investment. And thus, employers are much more likely to place you in a higher position starting.


  • Better Networking skills

When you are studying at IMM, you will get ample opportunities to network with other fellows. You will be also offered internships that will help you bring closer to the people who are already a part of the industry they are studying.


In many instances, you will come in contact with some resourceful person. These may help you get a good opportunity in the future.


  • Keeps You Competitive

Getting your Master’s degree from IMM today means that you will be able to stay competitive in the future job market. With the above-stated reasons, it is obvious to go ahead with IMM for the Master’s degree, as noted – because of higher chances of achieving important positions, nourishing skills, improving networking etc.

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