Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) comes first in the list In our entire life course, we are faced with numerous opportunities to decide from options. The choices we make have a great impact on our lives. Therefore, it is very important to make wise choices at the right time and place. Having said that, […]

Testimonials for IMM and Offered Courses

The fast-paced 21st century has created more and more occupations requiring advanced education. To sustain and thrive in this competitive world, a college degree is critical to your success in today’s workforce.   When you attend a college that is a good fit for you academically, financially, and culturally, you are more likely to thrive […]


Celebrations at Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) seem do not stop as recently IMM turned 52 years, before it could complete the celebration here comes another celebration of achieving highest position in innovation category from The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) It’s a gold medal for IMM. Yes IMM is awarded a gold […]

Why Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) is The Best

When you stand in your graduation ceremony with your Bachelor’s degree in your hand, your entire college life appears in front of your life. The good grades on your mark sheet is the result of hard work, a lot of focused studying and being determined and compassionate. You should be proud of yourself, you did […]

Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM)

Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), a premier educational society, took birth in the year 1969, with a vision to spread the gospel of marketing and management education in India.   IMM, the brain child of Visionary Dr. Jagjit Singh, has over almost five decades successfully created global intellectual capital and continues to do so […]