Top E-Cell of Delhi University 2020-21

As competition lasted for more than a month, DU Assassins’ jury decided The Top Entrepreneurship Cell of year 2021 based on quality work, timely action, great level of enthusiasm and never give up approach.

The winner team didn’t stop even when the entire world was affected with Pandemic directly or indirectly, each team member showed great level of commitment and leadership in participating.


DU Assassins team congratulates all the winners!

Here we present Top Entrepreneurship Cell for the year 2021


Meraki – An Entrepreneurship Cell


Meraki, an Entrepreneurship cell started by four ambitious students in 2018 started under the leadership of our Principal Dr. Haritma Chopra, is now a team of aspirational students. The Cell has been credited as being a part of Top 10 Entrepreneurship Cells of
University of Delhi in 2019, ranked by DU Assassins, a News and Media Company.

We at Meraki, believe in inspiring students to grow and achieve their full potential. Our aim is to not only boost entrepreneurial skills, but also encourage curiosity and open communication among our students. We even aim at strengthening the vision and passion for Jana-Seva through conscious and concerted projects creating social impact.
Meraki celebrates all cultures and is a pioneer of sustainable development.


We believe in first-hand experience and practical learning and hence introduce and work on our startups and projects. From organising to participating, Meraki has all
the opportunities for a right entrepreneurial mind set. We at Meraki, believe in knitting a strong team. We abide by long term connections and cordial working of the operations of the cell. We are a team, yet a family. Our roots are success driven. The functioning of our 52-member strong team is headed by the Presidents and then followed by the Heads of each Department, namely, HR, Operations & Research, Marketing and Finance.

Today, Meraki is home to 3 start-ups and 4 projects. We intend to build onto this legacy in the longer run. Our team has also successfully organized numerous flagship events – the most prominent of which is Entrescope, our annual e-summit. Over the course of time, we have conducted two successful e-summits in the years 2020 and 2021. The events ranged from various formal and informal competitions to a line-up of accomplished guests speakers including the likes of Mr. Ankur Warikoo (Founder of Nearbuy, content creator), Aditya Arora (Founder of Faad Network), Ruhan Naqash (Found of MyCaptain) and Daksh Sethi (Founder of Guby Rogers). Our cultural event, Artfluencers (2020) also hosted two immensely talented performers – Ms. Manveen Kaur, an engaging poet and Mr. Sarthak Saksena, an extremely skilled musician.



During the small span of time since this society was founded, Meraki has also collaborated with prominent organizations in the education and entrepreneurial domain. Our key collaborations have been those with Coursera, The Hustler Team, Metvy and The Startup Scholars – all of which proved to be highly fruitful for the team’s practical skill set. With the same zeal and determination, Team Meraki is all set to add a lot more startups, events and collaborations to its list of achievements in the upcoming session.

Here is small glimpses of how they work together for this competition video 


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