5 Interesting facts which will definitely pleasure you for being a DU student

5 Interesting facts which will definitely pleasure you for being a DU student

If you are thinking that DU is known just for it’s sky high cut offs then may be you are not aware of full scenario. Other than seeming 100% cut offs in news headlines there are so many other amusing facts also about DU which is probably not known to you. In this article, we will be covering six amazing facts about DU which you should definitely know.



Now, Let’s get started:-

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The Khooni Jheel in Northern Ridge:- Yes, you heard it right! The Khooni Jheel. Apart from being the National Capital of our country, Delhi is also famous for many places of battles, massacres etc. This Jheel is located just on the opposite of Vice Chancellor’s Office in North Campus, DU. During 1857 revolt, soldiers from both the sides fell in the jheel and drown and so many ghost stories are also joint with this place. But the place is much more beautiful than it’s horrible name. You should definitely take some free time and explore this ridge in the lap of nature.


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The most yummiest and affordable food for foodies:- If you are also that one foodie who literally love to explore every kind of foodstuffs then you must undoubtedly explore campus streets. Tom Uncle Maggi Point, Chache di Hatti, Dolma Aunty Momos, Ricos are some famous eateries in North Campus and The Bounty, Chowringee Lane of Satya Niketan, Echoes are famous food joints among South Campus. Yayy!!


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IP College:-  Indraprastha College for women which comes under North campus is known for it’s beautiful campus embraced with very soothing natural beauty. Under DU, it is the oldest women’s college and making women empowered and emancipate from a very long time. During partition of India and Pakistan, it helped refugees by providing them basic amenities and assist them to in their journey during tumultuous time.


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Vice-Regal Lodge of North Campus:- The vice-regal lodge in North Campus now also known as, “Vice Chancellor’s Office.” It is said that Shaheed Bhagat Singh was once confined here and along with this, in it’s convocation hall Lord Mountbatten proposed his wife Edwina for marriage.


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Coffee House behind VC’s House:-  The coffee house behind the Vice Chancellor’s Office was a quite decent place for lone wolf outing in North Campus. In past, it also played role of active hub for politicians and students and professors and would gather here and use to organise extra tutorial classes, depicting the friendly- relationship among students and professors.



So, here is the end of article. Hope you enjoyed reading.


Thank you for your time!


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