Top 5 Business Economics Societies of Delhi University 2019-20

top 10 commerce cells

College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select their team.

Business economics is a field in applied economics which uses economic theory and quantitative methods to analyse business enterprises and the factors contributing to the diversity of organizational structures and the relationships of firms with labour, capital and product markets.

DU also have a handful of Business-Economics societies. Some of them are shining diamond which enlighten their college with at most shine. The list of the societies that overcome their problem with a unique creative style are given below.

Top 5 Business Economic Societies are as follows

[Note: – The societies ranking are based on a voting conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other factors.]

1. ASBEMS: Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

The Department of Business Economics and Management Studies of the college endeavours to educate students and increase Economics, Finance, Management and Business-related awareness among them through organizing various brainstorming events. BMS and BBE are two flagship courses offered by the college. The students are equipped with interpersonal and social skills through the society of elected representatives of student community. It holds orientation for incoming batch in July every year to mark the beginning of the session. It organizes many events including series of guest lectures with eminent speakers from India and abroad. The inter-college debating competition, VAKTAVYA helps them to hone their debating skills. A number of workshops are held for the training of students such as, cyber safety, recent software, how to solve case studies, etc. The students of the society diligently organize annual academic event, “Confluence” and students from other colleges of University participate in the same pro-actively. It is one of the most promising society of the college.

Total votes : 1679


Aaghaz the Business Economics Cell of Gargi College was established in the year 2017 and have conducted events like Advitya ’20, Soft Skills workshop etc. The society conduct their annual fest every year with the Annual fest of college organized by student union.

Total votes : 1560

3. Business Economics Association (BEA) : MAHARAJA AGRASEN COLLEGE

The Department of Business Economics is the pride of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi. The department was established in 1996.
Department’s Alumni are working in esteemed organizations like State Bank of India, Bank of America, Gen-pact, Wipro, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Bain & Company, Oyo, Swiggy, Puma etc to name a few. A number of students of the department have aced entrance exams and secured admission in masters programs in prestigious institutions like DSE, IIMs, MDI, MICA, St. Xavier’s Mumbai, Faculty of Law-DU etc.

Department’s Business Economics Association (BEA) regularly organizes workshops to give its students an exposure to the corporate world along with its annual events Entreuzest (fest) and Industrial Colloquium, giving students a chance to organize as well as participate in the events. The monthly newsletter called BEABeats is sought after publication by the students. The students of the department have played a pivitol role in the establishment of Markos – the marketing society and Inquizitive – the quizzing society of Maharaja Agrasen College. Students also lead various ECA societies and bodies of the college like MAC Training and Placement Cell.

Total votes : 1413


The society takes its name from Kirt Karo, one of the three pillars of Sikhism given by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

The word KIRT means to earn an honest, pure and dedicated living by exercising one’s God-given skills, abilities, talents and hard labour for the benefit and improvement of the individual, their family and society at large.

  • The Society is determined to achieve excellence by harnessing the true potential of our students. Each year the students try to do something bigger and become better.
  • Most importantly, the members of the society believe in honesty and hard work. Henceforth, the name KIRT was best suited and apt for the society.
  • Each year the society organises various seminars, events, Annual KIRT economic fest for the benefit of dedicated community.
  • Ever since Economics was started in the college, there was an Economics Society to organize events like seminars, lectures, quiz, and other academic events.
  • The Business Economics Society is a part of the Economics society KIRT which organises departmental fest every year followed by various events like Group discussion, Role play, Business Quiz, Spellathon, Case Study,Mockstock, Treasure Hunt, Photography, Newspaper making etc.
  • It has been a great success since last many years with massive participation from renowned colleges of Delhi universities and other management institutes.

Total votes : 1396

5. College of Vocational Studies

The business-economics Cell of this college runs with the name of Econox and it operates with the Moto “piquing curiosity, one scarce resource at a time”.

Total votes : 1298

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